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Customer Charter

The charter below sets out the standard of Programmes and Services that our Customers can expect from SOLAS.

The Programmes and services we provide are guided by our Core Customer Values:
  • We ensure our customers are treated in a caring, inclusive and equal way
  • We aspire to customer excellence by responding to our customers through joint identification of needs, and working with them to achieve agreed outcomes.
  • We strive to be as innovative and as flexible as possible in meeting the changing needs of our customers
  • We consult with our customers in an open and impartial way, supporting the partnership way of working in SOLAS.
  • We strive to provide all Programmes and Services to our customers in an effective and efficient manner.

SOLAS will deliver a quality service under a series of headings: Staff/Customer; Best Practice; Customer Information; Services Through Other Languages; Equality; Health and Safety; Privacy and Confidentiality; Consultation/Feedback; Promptness; Complaints and respect and Dignity in the Workplace.


Assist customers in a friendly, welcoming and meaningful way.

Best Practice

Adopt best practice in the provision of customer Services and Programmes.

Customer Information

Promote customer awareness of SOLAS Programmes and Services. Customers can access information on further education and training options by contacting or visiting their local Employment Services Office throughout the country or by accessing http://www.fas.ie/

Services through other Languages

SOLAS will fulfil its obligations under the Official Languages Act, 2003. Corporate documents (e.g. Statement of Strategy, Annual Report etc.) will be published in Irish and in English. SOLAS, upon request, will make every effort to conduct business through Irish and to facilitate customers who wish to conduct business through languages other than English or Irish.


The SOLAS Equality Policy for its customers fully outlines our commitments in relation to customer service and equality. In short, it commits SOLAS to provide access for all customers to its Programmes and Services in a courteous, fair and impartial manner and in full compliance with all equality legislation. The SOLAS Customer Charter itself and information relating to the service level described in the Charter can, upon request, be provided in other formats.

Health & Safety

Provide public offices and training places that comply with all current occupational health, safety and welfare standards.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Provide our Programmes and Services in a manner that respects customers’ rights to privacy and confidentiality.


Listen to, value and consider carefully all views expressed and where possible and within realistic timescale, agree a way forward. SOLAS welcomes comments, suggestions and views on any aspects of our programmes or services as this will help us to meet customer needs.


Reply to all letters, emails and voicemail promptly and efficiently. If the preparation of a reply requires more than 5 working days, SOLAS will issue and acknowledgement of the correspondence/message.


Deal with each complaint in a professional and fair manner. Every effort will be made, at local level, to resolve the complaint early, and to the satisfaction of both the customer and SOLAS. If the customer does not wish to raise their concerns with those directly involved, a complaint may be made directly to the SOLAS Client Services Co-Ordinator, Head Office.

Respect and Dignity in the Workplace

Treat all customers with respect and dignity and our customers are requested to treat SOLAS staff, and each other, in a similar manner.

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